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my wife

Post by JEFF »

I got married in September.

I have over 1000 CDs, our flat is always full of music, and my wife doesn't mind it, but she can take or leave most of the bands I like.

Blur - for instance, and Belle and Sebastian, are bands I hold up as extemely important aspect of my life, but she can't join me in this appreciation.

She does, however, love Pulp, and Ooberman.

I was inspired to share this with you this evening after she said 'I love this song, what's it called?'. 'First day of the holidays'. I replied.

I love her.
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Re: my wife

Post by Jonfaro »

I got married in april last year and we left the church to one of the instrimentals from the magic treehouse and our first dance was roll me in cotton

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