A short animation project by me

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A short animation project by me

Post by Ori »

Hi all,
I'm a first year animation student at Bezalel - Academy of Arts and Design, in Jerusalem, Israel,

I got an assignment - Making a short animation according the a music track, and inspired by it.

I instantly chose The magic treehouse track, from the same-named album, since I'm a big fan.

Anyways, It's a stop motion animation, it's only 15 seconds but it took me almost a week to build the set and the butterfly, 8 hours to film and another day to edit. I'm pretty satisfied with the result, although it's not perfect.

Here it is-
Don't forget to hit the HQ and FullScreen buttons,
And I would love to read your comments about it.

And of course- Thanks Ooberman for the great music,

Ori, a big fan.

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Re: A short animation project by me

Post by Wayne »

Very nice! :D

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Re: A short animation project by me

Post by Dan Pop »

that's really lovely


write to me at ooberinfo [at] ooberman [dot ] net - it's good to know a good animator who likes ooberman!

dan pop

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